Witness the "Moment of Glory" again! Over 600 Higer buses escort Asian Football Grand Event

On January12, 2024, the Asian Football Grand Event was grandly opened at Lusail Stadiumin Qatar, and twenty-four top teams from Asia competed for the highest glory ofAsian football.

As the"resident representatives" of international events, over 600 Higerbuses debuted in 9 stadiums to escort fans from all over the world. This isanother "Moment of Glory" witnessed by Higer Bus with a stronglineup, high standard, high quality and high efficiency after the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

Alwaysstand by and strive to replicate the "World Cup service standards"

In 2022, theQatar FIFA World Cup brought a football "feast" to fans, and HigerBus set a new World Cup service standard by serving 6 million people with"zero complaints".

After morethan a year, the "grand scene" of Asian football was stagedshockingly. Fans around the world once again focused their attention on Doha.Higer Bus service team played its greatest role, striving to help Qatar host aworld-class Asian football event.

Higer Bus will complete its mission with competent capability.As early as June 2023, Higer Bus formed an elite service team consisting ofservice engineers and accessory engineers to take the lead in preparing for theevent and formulated a detailed service guarantee plan. From the implementationof vehicle information, driver training, full-vehicle inspection, partsassurance, and establishment of emergency plan, Higer Bus service team has madecareful arrangements to ensure that the service guarantee work is foolproof andadd luster to this football event.

"During the event, we will beon standby 24 hours a day", Wang Hui, a service engineer of Higer Bus inQatar, said, "We are very confident in successfully completing the serviceguarantee task of this Asian Cup. After serving the Qatar FIFA World Cup, wehave summarized rich service experience and laid a solid foundation for servinggrand events. We will serve this event with the same standards. I believe thatHiger Bus will once again show the unique shine of Chinese elements with itsoutstanding performance."

"Moment of Glory" - formidablepresence of 600+ vehicles, showing Higer Bus's strength

30-day schedule, 51 competitions and9 stadiums... To ensure the experience of fans during the event, over 600 Higerbuses turned into hard-working "little bees" and shuttled back andforth between various stadiums. Higer Bus witnessed the focus of the event andthe glory of the participating teams with practical actions, and showed thestrength and charm of Chinese buses on the world stage.

It is understood that over 600 Higerbuses are mature models serving the Qatar market. After years of market test,they have become a scenery of "Chinese elements" flowing on thestreets of Qatar with fashionable appearance, comfortable interior trims andexcellent performance, and are also trustworthy, reliable and reassuring partnersfor customers. At this Asian football event, Qatar users once again entrustedHiger Bus with an important task.

In addition, this trust also comesfrom the "quality track" left by Higer Bus after its development inQatar market. As early as 2006, Higer Bus exported 500 buses to successfullyserve the Qatar Asian Games. In 2020, it won a record-breaking order of 1,815vehicles for the Qatar FIFA World Cup, which is the largest single order forthe export of Chinese large and medium-sized buses to Qatar, and also thelargest order for the export of Chinese large and medium-sized buses in 2020.

After more than ten years ofdevelopment, Higer Bus has sold more than 6,600 buses in the Qatar market, witha market share of over 80%. In terms of time dimension, it witnessed thedevelopment vitality of Chinese buses in Qatar and recorded the imprint andemotions of Chinese buses to go global with its services.

Over 600 Higer buses providedhigh-quality services for Asian football event in Qatar, which will become the"confidence" of Higer Bus to continue competing in Qatar and all overthe world. In the future, Higer Bus will work hard and forge ahead to write amore wonderful "overseas planning".